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Buck Creek Stats

Quick Facts HUC: 04050006-0508 32,392 Acres 20.3 Total Miles Long 15.6 Miles Trout Stream Land Use 64% Urban 18% Agricultural 11% Forest Land 4% Wetlands 3% Open Land Pollutant Loadings Sediment: 1,024 tons/yr Phosphorus: 28,061 lbs/yr Nitrogen: 153,436 lbs/yr Priority Pollutant Pathogens (disease causing agents) Priority Sources Cropland Livestock Septic Tanks

Other Sustainability Tips

Reduce Use of Fertilizers Tips on reducing fertilizer use are available at www.oakgov.com/water/Pages/publications/clean_water_fertilize.aspx Pick Up Pet Waste Pet wastes can wash into storm drains and ditches, ultimately ending up in local rivers and creeks. Learn more at www.LGROW.org/pollution-sollutions Maintain a Vegetative Buffer Along Waterways Those who live along the creek or a tributary can be […]

Install a Rain Barrel

[image from http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us] Rain barrels are a great way to preserve water use and irrigate your gardens and lawn at a very low cost. View or download the WMEAC rain barrel instructions.

Plant a Rain Garden

From our friends at Rain Garden Network: What is a rain garden? Benefits of a rain garden How to build a rain garden in 10 steps Maintaining a rain garden Want help with a rain garden?  Contact us today!  

2017 Creek Study

Summary from 10/ 23/ 2017 report prepared by Streamside Ecological Services. The study found that Buck Creek is impacted by a variety of issues.  Brown trout populations do indeed inhabit Buck Creek, but not in every stretch of the creek. Stream temperatures were found to be favorable for trout in portions of the watershed, such […]

Woody Debris Management 101

From Friends of the Rouge: The Clean and Open Method was developed by the Riparian Corridor Management Technical Advisory Committee, which was made possible by a partnership between Friends of the Rouge, the Rouge River Advisory Council’s Habitat Committee, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Wayne County Department of Environment. Clean and Open […]