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About Us

Friends of Buck Creek partners with local residents, municipalities, businesses, and conservation groups to inspire, initiate, promote, and engage in activities that improve the environmental quality and enhance the beauty of Buck Creek. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) that relies on volunteers and donations to support our work. Board meetings are held monthly and we invite you to join us. Send us a message if you have a project, concern, or would like to volunteer.

Friends of Buck Creek board members:

  • Dave Helder
  • Jim Beke
  • Martha Vermeulen
  • Mike Hoekwater
  • Steve Maas
  • Rebecca Dykhuis
  • Lizzy Rozeboom
  • Scott Yonkers
  • Grant Simons

A healthy Buck Creek for the enjoyment of all.

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Help us preserve and protect Buck Creek through community, civic, and environmental action.