This project was installed in durint the summer and fall of 2021 and diverts storm water from the parking lot at Grandville Middle School and into this rain garden to be filtered and cooled before it enters Buck Creek. Hot storm water runoff has a major negative impact on trout stream like Buck Creek, and this rain garden will help to keep the creek waters cool! Once the garden was installed it was blanketed and planted with a native seed mix and hundreds of native plugs. Soon the plants will grow and mature, creating habitat for beneficial pollinators and adding natural beauty to campus.

A huge thanks to our project partners: Native Edge, LLC, Jackson Dirt Works, Grandville Public Schools, the City of Grandville, Shrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited, and others who have made this project a reality.

Project Update: In May 2022 one of the under drains wasa removed because the garden was draining excessively well due to the sandy sub soil. This adjustment will allow the garden to infiltrate even more water!